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Improve your exam scores by working smarter, not harder.

AI enabled exam preparation PrepCapsule is built on six pillars.


The most important piece for any exam preparation is the right content. PrepContent curates the best suitable content from the premium publishers and provides to you in the most suitable format. Prepcontent can come in the form of reading materials, videos, flashcards, MCQs, audio books and many more.

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The AI enabled personal coach will allow you to set learning goals and prepare you to achieve the same. PrepCoach is an adaptive trainer who will quickly learn your learning ways and provide you with customized coaching. This will ensure to maximize your scoring possibilities.

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PrepImmerse combines the elements of competition, game,memory recall and joy of learning with your friends to build an unique and extremely powerful form of learning.

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Spaced repetition is a powerful technique that will help you memorize information in much less time than it would take otherwise. PrepRevision will automate this process and keep track of when you should repeat your learning/practice to maximize your memorization and retention.

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It is important to evaluate your preparation for the exam. This can be at the beginning of preparation or anytime before the exam. The PrepCheck will help you identify your preparation level, provides a projected score based on the preparation and also identifies the gap.

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Customized store for your institution to make available all the PrepCapsules for your students to purchase and use them.

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step by step explanation

  • check Identify topic / topics you want to master and set the goal name.
  • check Take the initial test to start the process.
  • check PrepCoach will then create curated tests based on your wrong answers, time taken, negative marking.
  • check Will provide insights after each test to improvise the overall scores.
  • check This continues till you reach your goal.